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Studio Classes for Adults
To take a studio class for in-person Capoeira training, go to the 'Find your studio' section below and go to the page for your nearest studio to book your class
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Studio Classes Not An Option?
If you can't attend one of our studios, we offer online classes as well
Want to know a bit more before you start?
Have questions before you start classes? book a free consultation » with one of our instructors and we can help, with no pressure to commit.
There's no obligation, just let us guide you through what to expect and see what Capoeira can offer you.
Not ready to start the beginner's course? Try a drop in class first
Just take part in one of our Basic Level Classes and see what Capoeira is all about.
Get the full Capoeira experience, book an 8-week beginners course »
Find out first hand what Capoeira is all about and learn everything you need to know to get started on your Capoeira journey.
Once you complete your beginner's course, become a member
Once you've completed your beginner's course you can start your membership and attend regular classes.
What a CDOB Capoeira Class Looks Like
15/30 mins - Warm Up and Outlining Movements
Sessions begin with a warm up and then with the instructor demonstrating the key movements for the lesson and the group practicing facing the instructor
45mins - Movements in Pairs or Groups
After warming up and learning movements, we split into groups to practice them together, learning how to use them with a partner
1hr - the Roda
After practicing movements in groups, it is time to perform and adapt the movements to music within the circle or 'Roda'
Need to know more first?
Learn more about Capoeira and CDOB:

Still not sure?

You can book a free online consultation with a member of CDOB to go through any concerns you might have. They can explain a bit more about what's on offer and answer any questions you might have.

See our consultation page to book a video call with an instructor.
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