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Learning Resources
To help you on your Capoeira Journey
Here is a playlist of videos about Capoeira History.
Here is a playlist of Berimbau rhythms.

Recorded by Mestre Bimba in 1969

These are the fundamental variations he wanted his students to discover, learn and appreciate when studying Capoeira and playing the Berimbau.
Here is a playlist of Capoeira Music.

Mestres who have passed away, but left us with their musical legacy, for us to learn from, be inspired by and connect with the sentiments and messages of Capoeira's past.
Here is a playlist of the three basic forms of Capoeira Songs.

Corridos: short call and response songs which dominate the most part of the Capoeira roda and give the consistent energy and meaning to the movements of the game.

Quadras: Mestre Bimbas way of opening the space for Capoeira, the roda, the game and the connection between Capoeiristas start here.

Ladainhas: Longer laments, sang by all Mestres of Capoeira as means of transmitting their own personal sentiment or message.
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