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Read what the Sidi-Boumedine family had to say about their experience with CDOB...
"We have been a part of the Capoeira family for a little over 2 years now, starting firstly with our little boys Rayanh (10yrs) and Haytham (8yrs), and quickly becoming a family sport.

Capoeira has given us unity within our own family, as it is diverse for all age groups and ranges of fitness.

For us, the main reason for joining was the lack of confidence the boys had due to bullying at school.

The kids and adults in CDOB were so welcoming and helpful in welcoming us into the group and showing the boys that caring and nurturing goes a long way. The boys have progressed so much from not being able to move much to now doing all sorts of acrobatic movements, they have grown not only physically, (going) from kids classes to joining in adult classes, but mentally and socially, (becoming) more aware of all cultures. This has positively impacted their school projects and they take immense pride in there new skills.

As a family we (used to) never travel anywhere, but now we go to all the events we can participate in. We have grown as a family in this amazing world of Capoira getting to know new instruments, new languages, meeting new people from all around the world.

It has opened our eyes to the world of acrobatic and martial arts in a very educational and fun way.
Meeting Mascote and Joyce well what can we say, absolutely amazing people inside and out. They have inspired us all. There training is not only captivating and powerful, but graceful to.

They give firm guidance and knowledge, not only in the martial arts world but in confidence and ability too.

Our children especially have gained important skills making them ready to tackle the uncertain world we live in today.

I heard that in order to wake up you need a wake up call, Capoeira was our wake up call and it changed our lives for the better and forever.

We thank Mascote and Joyce for and everything they do for us."

Sidi-Boumedine Family
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