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Beginner's Capoeira Classes
Welcome to your Capoeira journey, start with our in-person beginner's classes
Introductory offer 50% off of your first 2 months membership.

£35 PCM Introductory membership - for the first 2 months*, automatically upgraded to full membership with a 6-month contract of £70 PCM if not cancelled by the end of the 2nd month.

*Payment for the first 2 months must be made in full in order to register for this offer.

Our membership includes:

Introductory members can attend Monday & Wednesday's beginner's classes

Once membership is upgraded you can then attend Saturday's mixed class and Roda too

Video support material

Access to WhatsApp study group

Priority for booking event and workshops

We also offer individual guidance and support to our members
      About our beginner's classes
      Even if you are completely new to Capoeira, and are feeling a little nervous about where or how to start, our classes have the perfect environment you need for you to take your first steps in Capoeira.

      Our classes are carefully designed for you to learn the basic Capoeira movements, we will break down step by step the most fundamentals movements so you will be able to follow in an easy way, our teachers have more than 10 years of experience teaching this amazing art form, they will be guiding you patiently throughout our journey as a new "Capoeirista".

      Our classes do not require any level of fitness or ability, everyone can learn Capoeira.

      Below a few benefits of practising this amazing art for of Capoeira:
      Be happier
      Gain confidence
      Gain new skills
      Meet new people
      Learn a new language
      Learn about a new culture
      Not sure whether to start your Capoeira journey yet?
      We as a Capoeira teacher always encourage new people to try out Capoeira without thinking too much about it, at the beginning just try to relax and open-minded so you can enjoy it as much as possible.

      If you want to start training but aren't ready to make a commitment to becoming a member you can always try a drop-in session first, or even book for a private session if you want to have full attention to start.

      Not sure about starting classes?

      If you need more info or you want to take it to someone directly before starting classes, you can book a free consultation with one of our expert instructors.

      See our consultation page to book a telephone call with an instructor.

      Learn more about Capoeira and our community in Birmingham/London (CDOB)?

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