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Online Classes

Options and Booking
If you can't make it into one of our studio classes, we can offer the same standard of expert Capoeira instruction online.
Online Drop In Session – £10.00
Want to try a class before starting the beginner’s course? Book a one-off online drop-in class
Online Private Tutoring – £30.00
For online one-on-one training with one of our expert Capoeira instructors
How booking works
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Online classes timetable
How to book online classes
Book an online class is easy:

  • Follow one of the booking links above to add the course of your choice to your cart
  • Create an account and pay for your course
  • Once you've book you will added to the class registry
  • You will be emailed details about how and when to attend your class
How online classes work
How to join your online class:

  • Create your Zoom account to use for dialing into your classes
  • Use the Zoom Meeting link emailed to you to join your class when it's scheduled

See the Zoom website for instructions on how to make your account.

What goes on in a typical online class:

  • The class will wait for you to join
  • Then everyone will follow the instructor's screen
  • Movements and exercises are designed to be adaptable and suitable for any space
  • Everyone is on mute except the teacher
  • If you have a question or want specific guidance you can un-mute and ask anytime
  • The teacher will also stop from time to time to watch you and give you personal feedback
Drop ins, beginner's course, and membership
Drop in sessions

We understand that you might want to try out one or two classes before you commit to a beginner's course, so we can offer a limited number of drop in classes to new members before we ask them to start their beginner's course.

Beginner's course

Once you're ready, we ask new members to start a beginner's course so we can get you up to speed with the basics and show you everything Capoeira has to offer.

See our beginner's course page for more info.


Once you've completed your beginner's course we ask you to start your membership. We have a number of membership options to suit you:

  • Monthly membership – This option lets you pay monthly for more flexibility, but is more expensive than the 6-month option.
  • 6-month membership – This option lets you pay for 6 months at a time which works out cheaper than the monthly membership payment plan. Also, get 50% off your first 3 months when you sign up for your first 6 month membership plan.
Private online tutoring
We also offer exclusive 1-2-1 sessions with our instructors as an alternative to group Zoom classes.

These work exactly the same way but only you (and your household) and the instructor will be on the Zoom call. You can get instruction that is more tailored to your needs and you can set the pace of the class to suit you.

See our private tutoring page for more info.
Need to know more first?
Learn more about Capoeira and CDOB:

Still not sure?

You can book a free online consultation with a member of CDOB to go through any concerns you might have. They can explain a bit more about what's on offer and answer any questions you might have.

See our consultation page to book a video call with an instructor.
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