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Beginner's Course
Start your Capoeira journey here with one of our online or in-person beginner's courses and bring a plus one with you absolutely free
8-Week Beginner's Course, 1 Class Per Week – £64.00
Start your beginner's course and take one class each week for 8 weeks
8-Week Beginner's Course, 2 Classes Per Week – £80.00
Start your beginner's course and take two classes each week for 8 weeks
Online Beginner’s Course – £50.00
Start an 10-class beginner’s course online to get fully immersed in Capoeira
Bringing your free plus one
When you buy a beginner's course from us, you're allowed to bring someone else along with you to attend classes and start your Capoeira journey together. You'll be able to bring them along to any beginner's course classes you take completely for free and you'll both be eligible to start regular classes together once you've completed the course together.
About our beginner's courses
Even if you are completely new to Capoeira, and are feeling a little nervous about where or how to start, our online classes and the comfort of your own home might just be the intimate environment you need for you to take your first steps in Capoeira, any sized space is suitable, all the exercises can be edited.

Our classes are carefully designed for you to learn the basic Capoeira movements, we will break down step by step the most fundamentals movements so you will be able to follow in an easy way, our teachers have more than 10 years of experience teaching this amazing art form, they will be assisting you patiently from your home.

Our classes do not require any level of fitness or ability, everyone can learn Capoeira.


The classes will be lead via the Zoom app, which you just need to download on your device such as mobile/computer/laptop.

Why start Capoeira?

  • Be happier
  • De-stress
  • Gain confidence
  • Gain new skills
  • Meet new people
  • Learn a new language
  • Learn about a new culture
Not ready to start the beginner's course yet?
If you want to start training but you aren't ready to take the beginner's course you can always try a drop in session first.

See our studio classes page to book your in-person drop in class,


See our online classes page to book your online drop in class.

Not sure about starting classes?

If you need more info or you want to take to someone directly before starting classes, you can book a free consultation with one of our expert instructors.

See our consultation page to book a video call with an instructor.

Want to know more about Capoeira/CDOB first?

Learn more about Capoeira and CDOB:

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